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Telling a great story is harder than it looks. Good editing helps of course, but you achieve the best results when you set out with as clear an idea as you can possibly have about what is the story you want to tell. I can help you at every stage of the process, or just with the editing.


Promos and intros tend to be short and designed to convey top level information about your company or product and make your audience feel the desire to learn more. They are more suitable as a first touch point with your target audience than a detailed explainer.


Explainers and tutorials are primarily for people beginning or ready to engage with your product or service. A well honed explainer or tutorial can massively reduce the time your team has to spend repeating key information and, especially if you use A/B testing, you can achieve better results.


Campaigns for good causes typically have low to no budgets. This video was shot and edited in return for a piece of Sapphire Pine furniture. As a rule, bigger budgets mean higher production values, but if you have a campaign that is going to do some real good in the world and you need my help, talk to me.

Donal Mooney

Video Editor
(storyteller, film maker
& post production specialist)

Avid Media Composer // Premiere Pro

After Effects // Audition

DaVinci Resolve


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